5G the nextgen. mobile network

5G the 5th generation of mobile network and a upgradation over a 4G LTE network.


  • What is 5G?
  • How 5G works?
  • Advantages of 5G over 4G/3G/2G.

What is 5G technology?

5G is the future of upcoming technology, 5G stands for 5th Generation, 5G is the nextgen. (next generation) mobile technology with a very fast response time. 5G has overcome all the odds of 4G and becomes a better and faster mobile network of the future. It has very little latency as compare to 4G. It is designed to connect everyone and every object or thing connected to the internet.

Currently, we are using 4G network in or devices, and 5GHz network, usually we call it 5G but it’s not it is only the frequency that we are using i.e 5-GigaHertz (5GHz).

5GHz is nothing but only increases the bandwidth in the limited area in a small range, so due to this we can access a little higher speed and many people can use this at the same time so that it will not affect the internet while many people are using it.

You usually saw 5GHz in WiFi networks only, because usually, WiFi has higher bandwidth than mobile networks.

5G, mobile network

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“IP Address” The address of the device over the internet.

How 5G Works?

Coming back to 5G, here I will tell you a little about how 5G works. It works on the millimetre-wave which is a high-frequency wave that works in gigahertz(GHz). With the help of millimetre-wave, it has better bandwidth, low latency, and has the ability to connect a lot more devices than existing mobile network technology. It uses OFDM(Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) which also uses in 4G but 5G uses OFDM more efficiently than 4G. As the speed is higher you will experience low latency in 5G technology.

Now you might be confused that then what is the difference in 5GHz it’s actually the same as explained above actually the bandwidth of 5G network is in the range of 24.25GHz and above. but WiFi-only has 5GHz.

Differences between 5G Network and 4G Network

Here is the difference between the 5G network and 4G network, the following chart has shown a short but clear difference

5G,4g, mobile network

Advantages of 5G

  • 5G has Higher Bandwidth than other Networks.
  • It has Low Latency (low the latency the faster is speed).
  • It has much fast Internet speed as compared to 4G.
  • More user handling capacity as it uses higher frequency.
  • More Effective and Efficient.
  • Easily Manageable with previous technologies.
  • Large numbers of supporting devices.

When will 5G is available?

5G already launches in 2020 in America but it is in the trial phase and not available in every city. But soon in the upcoming year, it is available to everyone and we are ready to use a faster and better network.

In India, Jio and Airtel have already tested 5G networks and they are also ready to launch it in India soon, also the owner of Reliance Jio Mukesh Ambani already said that they are going to launch Jio 5G in the middle of 2021, so just a little wait and you are ready to experience the taste of 5G.

Smartphones companies also start circulating their 5G sets into the market, currently, 5G smartphones (Feb 2021) is above 20k but soon you can see 5G smartphones under 15k or 10k.
Jio can also with a surprise with low cost 5G smartphones, which can be affordable by many people across the country.

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