WhatIF COVID-19 Vaccine Takes More Than 2 Years!

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COVID-19 has affected the entire world. It’s infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands. And Covid-19 vaccine hasn’t in the market yet. Not only that, but it’s also changed the way we live, work, and interact with others. But when will things finally get back to normal? For some people, that might not be until … Read more WhatIF COVID-19 Vaccine Takes More Than 2 Years!

Never underestimate job-seekers

Once the personal interview is going with the job seeker –

Interviewer – What’s your email-id?

Jobseeker – jobseeker01@gmail.com

Interviewer – Your password

Jobseeker – 12345678

Interviewer – You are so dumb. You share such confidential information for a job so easily. How can we trust you that you didn’t compromise with the company’s confidential data for some best offers?

Jobseeker – Sir, I might share my password with you but I can assure you still can’t log in into my Gmail account.

Interviewer – So you are providing false information.

Jobseeker – No, I didn’t.

Interviewer – Then?

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