“IP Address” The address of the device over the internet.

IP address is the physical address or the device address that is used for identifing devices over the internet.


  • What is an IP address?
  • Types of IP address
  • Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

What is an IP address?

Well IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is an address of a device that accesses the internet. So, just like the address of our house, the IP address is the address that is used to find the identity/ address of the device over the internet.

An IP address is a numeric address assigned to each device connected to a network or internet which is used for communication between them.

Example of IP address-

IP address,IPv4 vsIPV6

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Types of IP address

There are two types of IP version available namely-

  • IPv4
  • IPv6

These are the two version of the IP address available, the basics difference between are the address size. the IPv4 uses a 32bit number as address size while IPv6 uses a 128bit number as an address size.

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

The main difference between IPv4 and IPv6 is given below in the table-

IP address, IPv4vsIPv6

How IP address works

The IP address has two-part, one is the Network ID and the other is the Host ID. The network ID is a part of the IP address starting from the left that identifies the specific network on which the device is located. The part which is left i.e. the right-hand part of IP is the host ID that identifies the specific device on the network. Both the combination of a network ID and the host ID help us to identify the device on the internet.IP address, network id, host id

The IP address is a numeric label but it converted into binary(0 or 1) so that it understands by the computer as the computer only understands binary.

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