Is PUBG app a chinese app? should we boycott pubg app?

hi everyone here I am discussing today the most probably asked question is pubg app is a Chinese app well let us discuss it, in brief, would like to tell you that is not a Chinese app

why I am saying that is because of the facts that pubg was developed in South Korea and after that, in 2017 company name Tencent came n and a mobile version of this app now as there is only 10% shares of this app goes to Tencent

Is pubg app is chinese?

pubg app was banned in China it means that people cannot play or you cannot play pubg in China because Chinese government think that it is harmful to the citizen as it is against the cultural values because this game promotes blood and violent action I don’t know why Chinese government things like this as they are communist government they decide what people can do or not so that only man from China

should we need to Boycott pubg app?

well, the answer is not as straight as I see yes or no!

because some of the shares go to Chinese company Tencent too

but it is very small amount 10% so I can say it is your personal decision that you can play pubg in your phone or not if you are boycotting China that not a single penny of money should go to Chinese government then you might need to install pubg app but if you think that it will be ok if I play pubg then you can and remain and play it in your phone but there is an alternative for the pubg also free fire game totally like pubg you can do many things and play with millions of people live like pubg so you can go to this app now it’s your decision whether your country is love is more important or 10% of the share of pubg app goes to tension company a Chinese company that’s all from my side I hope you like my article if you have any questions related to this query you can ask me in the comments below you can contact us if you want any other article related to this topic or any other topic you can contact us we will surely post an article for all

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