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Jio 5G is launching in mid 2021 in India says Mukesh Ambani

Jio is going to lauch 5G services in second quator 2021 and partner with Google for cheaper 5G smartphone devices

Highlights –

  • Jio 5G is rolling out in mid 2021.
  • Jio partner with Google to launch cheaper smartphones.
  • Jio will offer approx 1GBPS internet speed.

Jio 5G mukesh ambani

Jio 5G is on the way

Jio is working on 5G services previously and in this 43rd Annual General Meeting Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani said that Jio has created a complete 5G solution from scratch and also said that this 5G technology will use 100 percent home grown technologies and solutions.

Jio will roll out its 5G services in the second quator of 2021 which is starting from April 2021, the date of lauch is not decided yet. Mukesh Ambani also address 5G i sthe next evoulution in mobile network technology and it is already available in many parts of the world.

Jio also partnered with Google to lauch affordable smartphones with is powered with android operating system in India. It is previously reported that the  smartphone will range to approximately Rs. 4000 which will make people 5G affordable.

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Jio 5G Mukesh Ambani superman

Jio partnered with Google

Mukesh Ambani address that there are over 300 million users in India ae trapped in 2G era. The Telco planned to manufacture over 200 million msartphones in the upcoming 2 years. he also said that “testimony to Prime Miniter Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’” adn this will built world-class capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Networking, to handle Big data, Machine Learning, IOT (Intenet Of Things), Blockchains, etc

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