Never underestimate job-seekers

Once the personal interview is going with the job seeker –

Interviewer – What’s your email-id?

Jobseeker –

Interviewer – Your password

Jobseeker – 12345678

Interviewer – You are so dumb. You share such confidential information for a job so easily. How can we trust you that you didn’t compromise with the company’s confidential data for some best offers?

Jobseeker – Sir, I might share my password with you but I can assure you still can’t log in into my Gmail account.

Interviewer – So you are providing false information.

Jobseeker – No, I didn’t.

Interviewer – Then?

Jobseeker – Let’s look at the possibilities, my password can be 12345678, or 1twothreefourfivesixseveneight, or maybe 1twothreefourfivesixseven8……or maybe 2444666668888888(1 two, 3 four’s,5 six’s, 7 eight’s) or combination of all these…By the way, did I mention the use of capital?never-underestimate-job-seekers-tips-to-become

Interviewer – How much salary would you take?

Jobseeker – Sorry, I am not available for you anymore, because I don’t want to work under dumb people.

So job seekers never lose your self-respect just for employment. Because that’s not the correct way, as we have the talent and that should be respected and ultimately what we want from employers??

Our growth, our enhancement, but what if your boss is not ready to give you a chance. Because your boss can easily set you up towards your goal. That’s why a bad job with a good boss is better than a good job with a bad boss. So good boss matters.

Tips for Job Seekers:

  1. Finding a dream position is a bit stressful task so keep meditating and exercise to keep yourself calm.
  2. Always remember while giving interviews you should express yourself, never give a one-word answer like if they ask you your strength and weakness just express it by developing some story to show your skills.
  3. The most basic art of conversation is to ”Listen”. Develop the art of listening. Most of the candidates don’t let the recruiters complete their questions and interrupt in between, so better to avoid it.
  4. Learn to have patience and develop communication skills.
  5. Last but not the least, your body language is incredibly important. Most of us ignore this thing, but the recruiter notices each and everything, how you sit-stand or enter, your body language depicts the feeling- confident or nervous whatever you are. So be confident.
  6. After the interview, just write a thank you mail to the recruiter, this simple thank you mail will help make you stand out from the majority of people who do not bother with this simple act of chivalry.

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Things that make you more efficient to find a dream job:

While choosing any organization you need to be clear about your goal. Why you are doing this work? How will you grow?? These questions are a must to think of.

What my experience is- apply to every opportunity if you are desperate to work. As applying for more opportunities will certainly land you in more interviews. So you have an option to choose employability according to your skillset.

When any position seems interesting, take an in-depth look at the description- check whether the skills they need match with yours. And one thing is must visit the company website to see is it suitable for you. This will help you in your interview.

Just follow your dream company and develop knowledge and skills according to that, this will land you in your dream company.


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Sources – Google and Youtube

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