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Oneplus Nord has reveiled its battery! Everything you need to know

Oneplus Nord one of the top hyped smartphone in past years. Here is almost everything you need to know about oneplus Nord.

hello everyone here is the new specifications come out from oneplus Instagram post-Instagram recently announcing its one plus Nord specifications one by one and now oneplus revealed the capacity of the battery in the story here you can see the image of the oneplus Nord battery with 4010 mAh capacity.

Jack Nelson will be in the battery on the Instagram post where he said that we’re working with oneplus Nord.

Oneplus Nord has reveiled its battery! Everything you need to know

Confirmed specifications by oneplus Nord:

recently oneplus not confirms many of their specifications in their Instagram Post with a new Instagram account named as oneplus.nord.


oneplus Nord will come with 765G Snapdragon processor with 7nm technology. Great in the budget segment phone. It will great processor in the mid-range flagship smartphone


it comes with 90-hertz AMOLED display. oneplus yet not revealed about how many hearts display it has but they have mention of blank in the post so basically it was not 60 hertz and it must be 90 above 90 but because oneplus said that it is a budget set my phone then it is not convenient that it will come with a 120-hertz display.
so one plus will have 90 hearts AMOLED display.

Oneplus Nord has reveiled its battery! Everything you need to know


Oneplus officially confirmed that the camera will be the flagship-level camera in oneplus Nord. It is also officially confirmed that it will come with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) which will be helpful for the steam and clear image. Gives the camera a flagship experience.

oneplus Nord comes with six cameras two in the front and 4 at the back.
oneplus also revealed its back in the recent teaser of episode 3.
It is rumoured that it has four cameras at the back it maybe 64 megapixels 48 megapixel and US 8 megapixel wide-angle camera and 2-megapixel tap sensor and 2 MP of macro camera.
The specifications of the cameras are not yet reviewed but it is you that it will come with sony imx586 sensor.

In the front it has dual camera one is for selfie and one is for a wide-angle selfie.
It is rumoured that it will come with 32 megapixels and 8-megapixel viral camera.

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Operating System:

It is for sure that it will come with Oxygen OS 10 and also oneplus already revealed itself on its Instagram post that it will come with Oxygen OS 10 with no bloatware in the phone.
and it is known that oneplus oxygen OS is one of the best OS in the market at it gives a full experience of a stock Android and it is fast.

Launch date:

Oneplus download officially launches on 21st of July 2020.
oneplus note will launch on AR.
To watch the launch you have to download the oneplus Nord AR app from the Play Store or Apple Store only then you can watch the live launch of oneplus 9.

Click here to download the OnePlus Nord AR application from Playstore.

Click here to download from Apple Store.

Expected Price

Oneplus already revealed that the phone will come with less and $500.
but this may be the price of 12 GB variant of oneplus so if there is a variant of 6GB and 128GB of storage then we can make an assumption that it will come with an approximate price of 400 dollars in the European market.
but for the Indian market, it might come with an effective price of $350 which is approximately equal to Rs.25000.
Final price will be revealed on 21st July 2020.

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