PUBG as “Battleground Mobile India” officially confirmed launching soon in India

PUBG Corporation had announced last November that PUBG will be back in India, it will be a modified version

  • PUBG return as Batterground Mobile India
  • PUBG launched its official website
  • PUBG has changed its name on the Instagram page.

PUBG Corporation had announced last November that it will bring back PUBG Mobile to India. However, the timeline for the launch of the game in the country is not revealed.

Last month, the official YouTube channel for PUBG Mobile India uploaded a video suggesting that the launch of the game is imminent in the Indian market. Moreover, a creative banner of PUBG was leaked last week suggesting that it will be renamed Battlegrounds Mobile in India. However, there was no confirmation. That changes today as the official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India has gone live.

PUBG India also changed its name of the Instagram account to Battleground Mobile India. They have also deleted all of her posts from that account and left only one post,

Today, the official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India went live, which not only confirms that the PUBG Mobile will be coming back in India but also that it will be renamed for the Indian market. The official website has says “Coming Soon” suggesting the game could launch in Indian anytime soon.

The webpage links to the official YouTube channel for Battlegrounds Mobile India but it has no videos at the moment. It is also worth mentioning that there is no mention of PUBG anywhere on the website. We can see “Krafton” written there, which, as you might know, is the company behind PUBG.

PUBG, Battleground Mobile India, PUBG return

PUBG or Battleground Mobile India launch date in India

There is still no information regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date. What we also don’t know for sure at the moment is if Battlegrounds Mobile India will just be a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile or if it will be modified specifically for the Indian market, but for now we can hope that the game can be launch at anytime soon.

In a press release  that came out in November, PUBG Corporation had said that PUBG Mobile will be modified for India “to build and foster a healthy gameplay environment, in-game content will be improved and tailored to reflect local needs.” Hopefully, we’ll know more soon as the launch nears.

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