How to lose fat? 5 tips to lose fat

Initially, Do you know how many calories (fat) you burn in a day?

Most people don’t know the answer, so don’t hold your breath, but that is the coolest thing you can begin with. This single thing will give you so much data to go from. We will get into large-scale later but this is the best place to start with.

I remember when I was like just eating whatever I want and then checking the weight and it remains constant, but that’s wrong as in you are gaining fat at that time which matters, which will affect the weight later. So the point is you need to focus on fat not weight. Let’s start with the things which will help you lose weight.

Focus on fat- How to lose it?

  • Fat loss starts and ends with a calorie deficit. If you intake more calories, your weight will certainly increase.
  • If you didn’t do any physical work, then you need to be more alert because no physical activity is directly proportional to weight increase. So you need to give some time for physical activities.
  •  Intake fewer calories than you burn.

Ok ok wait, wait, wait!!

I got your question, you might think of how to burn calories now???

So, let’s talk about that


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Bring discipline to burn calories or fat

Bring discipline to your life and you get what you want in life.

Focus on getting quality sleep. About 7-8 hours a night.

Manage time for everything in your life for a workout, diet, sleep, study, or job whatever occupation you are in.

Research studies showed that drinking water can speed up your resting metabolism by 10-30% for about an hour.


tips to lose fat how to build toned body

Do high-intensity workout because our body burns calories to fuel activity. But the best part of workouts is- even after our workout ends, our body is still burning more calories.

And have the patience to see the best results, because it takes time to transform yourself.

How to build a toned body?

Now, the question is how can we build a toned body:

  • The same thing you need to follow here moderate calorie deficit.
  • Intake enough protein, veggies, and drink more water.
  • Lift weights to build strength and muscle.
  • Last but not least that is regularity and patience.

Ahaan! how’s the Josh?

Haha, jokes apart, tone a body is not a big problem- some people think it’s all about ”losing weight” and they start doing excessive cardio, fasting, etc etc etc and soon they get frustrated when getting no results and ultimately they give up.

But the truth is toning is little different from losing weight- it’s all about losing fat to reveal the muscle underneath!

And the perfect way to lose fat and build muscle is to consistently eat in a calorie deficit and lift weights.

While you start including yourself in physical activities, you will see a change in your thinking, your way of seeing things, your mindset will change and you start feeling more confident than now. You always try to think positively in every situation which is the best change you can feel.

How exercise impact weight loss?

Just change your lifestyle and leave that so-called ”laziness”. Schedule everything and follow that because where there is a will, there’s a way. That means if you are determined to do something then no one can stop you to find a way to achieve that task.

So, folks what are you waiting for- start to give some time to yourself, love your scars, love every curve, and have some patience to transform into rocking personality!!


Also, Read – Formula to get physically fit for beginners (0 levels)

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