Watch Netflix for Free! StreamFest | Here are Details

Free Netflix from December 5

Wanna watch Netflix for free, yes you are can watch Netflix for free, it is going to organise StreamFest from December 5 for all the user. Anyone can watch Netflix from 5 Dec for 48 hours. It will run from Saturday and Sunday.

Its called StreamFest, it was first announced in October by Greg peters (Cheif Product Officer), and android app code is saying that it will be called “StreamFest” and users can watch Netflix for free only by giving Name, contact, Email and password.

Users do not need a payment method to watch in StreamFest, but there are some rules/limits for that, here are they –

Limit of Netflix StreamFest –

  1. User can stream only in Standard-Definition (SD) quality.
  2. There is a limit to the number of free viewers.
  3. you might get the notification for the limit to exceed for viewers.

Check out on Netflix StreamFest.

Netflix StreamFest

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Everything else is the same for all, you can create profiles, you can download the content to watch bufferless, basically think like you have ‘Basic’ plan of Rs. 499.

So now you can watch the biggest streaming service for free for 2 days, get your list ready to watch top rated movies and web series on it.

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