What is Google’s Soli? Google launching New Nest Hub for Sleep Tracking

Sources reveals that Google may launch its new Nest Hub which is embedded with Google Soli for sleep tracking


  • What Google’s Soli?
  • How does Google Soli work?
  • Google may launch its Nest Hub that uses Soli chip for sleep tracking.

What is Google’s Soli?

Google’s Soli is an idea that became a product, Soli is basically a chip that can track your hand moments on a microscopic level, which means that a very tiny moment can be recorded with this chip.

It uses a small radar to track the real-time motion of a human hand at very high accuracy.

Google Soli, Google ATAP, Radio Frequency, hand waves, capturing moments

The Soli chip measures just 8mm x 10mm and because of its tiny size this Soli sensor and antenna can be embedded into a device, that is, it can be used in the smallest wearables. It has no moving part hence consumes a very less amount of energy, this makes it a very exciting technology for the future.

Google ATAP (Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects) is a group that developed this chip and now they are preparing to develop a language to read gestures, with the help of this language they can use Google’s Soli to read human gestures and works according to with them, some of the gestures involved rubbing the hand like you scroll your smartphone screen, pressing a button, controlling a volume nob.

When we do these gestures virtually in the range of Soli radar, it will take hand moments as feedback and work accordingly.

How does Google’s Soli chip work?

Ready for some science? Let’s hope so.

Google’s Soli chip emits electromagnetic waves and when these radio electromagnetic waves come in the contact with any object they reflect back the waves to the antenna, and this information or waves get converted into electrical signals.Google Soli. radio wave, electromagnetic waves

The reflected waves that cames back to the antenna have information things like – time delay or frequency changes. Google’s Soli sense subtle changes in the received signal over time, it can detect complex finger moments within its field. This is done with the help of super sensors, AI and Machine Learning.

Google is planning to release a new Nest Hub in 2021, sources familiar with the matter tell 9to5Google. This upcoming Smart Display will feature sleep tracking powered by the company’s Soli radar technology.

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Let’s know some history of Google Soli. Ready?

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group first unveiled Soli in 2015, but it is in its developing stage and after 4 years of research and development, it is launched back in 2019 as a final product.

The sensors in Pixel 4 let you perform air gestures like play/pause and skip/rewind tracks, you can also snooze alarms and silence your phone calls. It also helps in face recognition by transferring the waves faster and sensing the face. Android developers also using this technology to enhance the experience of games.

Google Soli, Google ATAP, Radio Frequency, hand waves, capturing moments, Google's Soli hardware components

Now scientists are working on Soli to make it better and soli can also detect your sleep cycle, you can ask Google Assistant “How did I sleep last night?” or “Show my sleep summary”. This feature was introduced in Fitbit’s latest smartphones late last year.

The original Nest Hub is more likely to be used in sensitive areas since it lacks a camera, with sleep tracking serving as another incentive to place this device on your nightstand.

The 7-inch Nest Hub is currently priced at $89.99, while the 10-inch Hub Max is $229.

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