YouTube don’t give a Fork that you dislike a video


  • A Mozilla study found that YouTube’s “dislike” button was ineffective against bad recommendations.
  • The best official solution was to choose “don’t recommend channel.”
  • However, even YouTube’s best solution wasn’t great at blocking these suggestions.

YouTube is indeed a great platform, there is a lot of information on youtube from which you can learn almost anything. But what if you do not like a video? you will dislike it, right? but Recently Mozilla study shows that Youtube doesn’t really care about you disliking a video.


Yup! you heard me right, you are disliking a video thinking you will not gonna see those type of content, but my dear friend there will be no effect in your recommendations.

Mozzila’s study used an open-source web extension known as RegretsReporter to collect YouTube recommendation insights from thousands of users’ data.

  • Study shows that only youtube recommendations only stop 12% of the videos. While doing research on this study it shows disliked type videos shown up after disliking that type of video.
  • It also showed that if you choose “Not interested”, then it only stopped 11% of your recommendations.
  • And if you choose “Remove from watch history” it stopped 29% of the video recommendations.
  • However, if you choose “Don’t recommend channel” it will stop 43% of the harmful recommendations.

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In simple words, youtube does not give any tool to control your recommendations, so the best way to watch content is to search for what you want and then watch it, do not rely on the content recommended by Youtube.

What you can do to stop bad recommendations?

The most effective way is to choose the “Don’t Recommend channel” option a sit can reduce 43% of your bad recommendations.

But for now, nothing much can be done to control your recommendations. Mozilla suggested Youtube to I’ve more control over the user’s content.

Fun fact is we watch youtube to get fast info and we like scrolling it, wishing that youtube should provide us something to watch and people spend most of their time watching unnecessary content that is not worth your precious time.
So, be careful with your time, it’s not coming back and you also do not have 30 hours a day.
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