YouTube tests to show us approx. 10 unskippable ads in one time!

YouTube says it has ‘concluded’ a test in which they showed as many as 10 unskippable ads in a row

Are you seeing more Youtube Ads Latest?

You have already watched youtube ads lately and recently also came to notice that youtube is serving more ads and many of the ads are unskippable. The experience is not soo good.

Youtube does this to maintain the platform and support the creators financially. So, they keep on increasing the length and frequency of ads. Recently they have tested to show approximately 10 unskippable advertisements in a single row. Yes! you heard it right, youtube is now testing this new ads segment.

Youtube shows us ads at the start of the video or in the middle of the video if the creator allows that. And longer and unskippable ads come at the start of the video and they come with the option to skip them in case the ad is longer in length.

What the good news is?
The ads are not too long, they said that the ads they have tested are only 5-6 sec in length, so if there are 10 ads in a row they will only take 60 sec which is 1 min. They said these ads as ‘Bumper Ads’.

A YouTube spokesperson has confirmed to 9to5Google that these expanded “ad pods” that showed an expanded number of ads were a part of a “small experiment” that has since “concluded.”

The company further explained that ad pods were originally introduced in 2018, albeit in smaller numbers, in an effort to show the needed number of ads without interrupting the longer videos as much

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